Remarkably Fresh,Chef-CraftedFoods

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Our Commitment to Crafted

We take pride in crafting great-tasting food that keeps customers coming back for more. Sandridge stands for quality, value, authenticity and delight wherever people come together to share a freshly made meal.

Your Campus Dining Partner

Student populations are constantly evolving. We’ll help you meet their dietary and lifestyle preferences—providing both tried-and-true and trendy and new menu items, including speed-scratch and labor-saving solutions that help you stay efficient.

A Fresh Approach to Deli Success

Driving traffic to your deli counter calls for big consumer appeal. And that means offering fresh, prepared foods that are in season and on trend. We can help you get it right in every way.

Quality, Taste, and Back-of-House Optimization

We don't just deliver exceptional taste: We equip your kitchen with versatile tools that maximize efficiency and minimize labor needs.

Fresh, Delicious, and Efficient

Optimizing healthcare dining operations while meeting the dietary and lifestyle needs of residents and diners means delivering comfort food with fresh options. Using versatile products and speed-scratch solutions to stay efficient – when you trust Sandridge, it’s surprisingly simple.

Freshness You Can Sell

Remarkably fresh, chef-crafted and powered by innovation, Sandridge stands for quality, value, authenticity and delight wherever people come together to share a freshly made meal.

Our chefs craft items that cater to your needs

  • Dietary/nutritional requirements
  • Scratch-made taste
  • Versatile products
  • Labor-saving solutions

Versatile, labor-saving products

From fully cooked items to fresh, speed-scratch solutions. It’s all here.

Fully Cooked Quinoa

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Our fully cooked quinoa is your secret weapon for building bowls, boosting sides, and crafting crave-worthy salads in a flash. Forget the pot and water – this fluffy goodness is ready to eat, hot or cold.

Old World Marinara Sauce

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Crafted with sun-ripened tomatoes and slow-simmered with a touch of onion, garlic, and classic Italian spices for a rich, vibrant flavor that your guests will love!

Fully Cooked Penne

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Al dente penne pasta.

Chicken Noodle Soup

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Simplify comfort food with our ready-to-heat Chicken Noodle Soup! It's packed with tender white meat chicken, fluffy egg noodles, and fresh veggies to deliver the classic taste your guests crave.

Deluxe Cole Slaw

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Our Deluxe Cole Slaw is crafted with cabbage and carrots in a light, tangy dressing that customers will love. It's a delicious side or sandwich topper to add freshness, color, and crunch to your meal.

Deviled Egg Potato Salad

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Wow your customers with our Deviled Egg Potato Salad! This twist on a classic side offers a delightful combination of creamy, herbed p