Sandridge’s Chef Crafted HPP Approach

Sandridge Crafted Foods was recently highlighted in Hiperbaric’s popular “Global Community” series. The following is an excerpt and a link to the feature video.

Mastering Premium Ready-to-Eat Meals

For 60+ years, Sandridge has pioneered fresh, chef-crafted, ready-to-eat meals . Their culinary artistry meets cutting-edge production capabilities to capture remarkably fresh taste nationwide.

“When we adopted HPP in 2008, we were probably servicing 20 states total […], and what HPP really brought for us was the opening of the geographical customer set west of the Mississippi. […] But it wasn’t just the shelf life. It was matching the shelf life with our strategy and our company philosophy moving forward ”  –  Dane Sandridge, Co-President

HPP unlocks Sandridge’s ability to deliver uniquely fresh, safe, and nutrient-dense prepared foods. Watch our latest video as we explore the culinary magic behind Sandridge’s premium RTE creations.