Sandridge Proudly Continues Partnership with Medina County Career Center

Sandridge Crafted Foods® is proud to begin our sixth year partnering with the Medina County Career Center’s (MCCC) Career Exploration Program!

The Career Exploration Program grew from a conversation between MCCC Superintendent Steve Chrisman and Sandridge VP of People Operations Dr. Dale Fortner. The program provides real-life job experiences to students while focusing on workforce-related and interpersonal skills, professional safety and more.

The students are currently under the direction of MCCC teacher Brooke Wendt and Sandridge Lead Business Manager John Stanko. The program involves students working a few hours a week during the school year with the opportunity for Sandridge to hire them for summer or full-time upon graduation. Our own Michael Kubas was formerly a student in the program and is now a full-time Sandridge employee.


More info: Medina County Career Center