A Family’s Journey of Growth and Excellence: The Taylor Story at Sandridge Crafted Foods®

This news release and article are the first in a multi-part series that will be shared periodically over the next several months. They are meant to highlight the strong family connections throughout our company and offer unique perspectives into our culture and what it’s like to be part of the Sandridge team!

From Generation to Generation: The Taylor Family’s Journey at Sandridge Crafted Foods®

In the heart of our community, Sandridge Crafted Foods stands out as a shining example of a family owned business that goes beyond remarkably fresh, chef-crafted foods; it cultivates a unique family culture that makes it an exceptional place to work.

With roots that trace back nearly six decades, Sandridge Crafted Foods thrives on core values that bind the family, the business, and the employees together. These values act as a compass, guiding the company’s ethos and shaping “the way we do business”.

As a significant job creator in Medina County, OH, Tazewell County, IL, and New Oxford, PA, Sandridge Crafted Foods maintains strong relationships with various organizations, including the Greater Medina, Morton, and New Oxford Chambers of Commerce, Medina County Port Authority, Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, and more.

The family culture remains a cornerstone, allowing the company to handle big customers while operating like a small, tight-knit family business.

CEO Mark D. Sandridge believes in the natural fit of families working together at Sandridge Crafted Foods. The company’s family culture fosters respect and pride among employees, creating an atmosphere that encourages constant teaching and mentorship.

Working alongside family members instills a sense of pride and mutual respect. Much like a parent sharing experiences with their children, Sandridge Crafted Foods values the supervisor-employee relationship, where growth and autonomy are encouraged.

Mark Sandridge emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and supportive work environment, steering away from the common manufacturing fear of job insecurity. “We want our employees to feel safe in this environment; like a family feels safe and protected together,” he says. “We believe a sense of belonging is a foundation of trust. Our employees are family, and we want them to feel like family with one another, supportive and appreciated.” His firsthand experience, with his sons Dane and Jordan working alongside him as Co-Presidents, reinforces the familial bond within the company.

This family-centric approach extends to the company’s hiring practices, with numerous referrals from employees who encourage their family members to join Sandridge®. “There’s never a better compliment when someone wants to come work at a place where their family works,” says Dane V. Sandridge.

Jordan D. Sandridge highlights the company’s commitment to personal and professional growth, emphasizing that “the sky is the limit.” Dane echoes this sentiment, stating, “We are proud of promoting from within. If there’s something you want to learn more about, we want to help you grow into that new trade or the next step in your career. We want this company to be a place where you can stay and grow and not feel like you need to go somewhere else for that.”

Jim Meadows, retired Vice President of Facilities & Process Improvement, emphasizes the company’s unique approach to employee growth. He highlights that Sandridge identifies individuals’ needs and provides the necessary support for their professional development. This sentiment is echoed by his son, Jared Meadows, now the Director of Process & Continuous Improvement, sees Sandridge as more than just a job but a place where employees can make a meaningful impact.