Sandridge Wellbeing Team Recognized by Ohio Department of Health

We are excited to share that the Sandridge Crafted Foods Wellbeing team won the Ohio Department of Health’s Cancer Screening Excellence Award!

Free Screenings, Resources, and Education Available to All Staff

Sandridge was one of 29 organizations recognized for their high score on the Healthy Worksite Recognition Program’s cancer screening questions. With the help of the Wellbeing team, Sandridge is working to increase access, resources, and education about cancer screenings.

Did you know…

  • Sandridge provides cancer screenings at no cost to our non-union employees.
    • For union employees, these screenings are available for a low-cost deductible.
  • Sandridge partners with medical providers to offer free skin cancer screenings to any employee that signs up.
    • Last year, five employees discovered they had issues that needed further attention after taking advantage of the free exam.

“Getting recommended screenings is one the best things you can do to take care of yourself. My mom has had two types of cancer. Today, at age 84, she is still with us. Early detection is the most effective way to fight cancer!”
– Cheryl Todd, Wellbeing Coordinator

Always remember that our Wellbeing team has numerous ways to help support your physical, financial, & mental health, and work/life balance. You can learn more about our programs HERE.

“The Sandridge family cares about the health and wellbeing of our employees and supports a strong Wellbeing program. Our Wellbeing team continues to be proactive in promoting preventative care and early detection for diseases like cancer. We are proud to win the Cancer Screening Excellence Award from the Ohio Department of Health!”
– Dr. Dale Fortner, VP of People Operations

For more information on cancer screenings or other services offered by our Wellbeing team, contact Cheryl Todd at