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Food Scientist JoAnn Buechele

About JoAnn

JoAnn grew up in Sharon Center, Ohio and moved to the City of Medina as an adult where she has lived since with her family.  Her interest in all things food related is what drove her to pursue a culinary degree and what ultimately landed her a job at Sandridge Crafted Foods.

JoAnn graduated from The University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Food and Environmental Nutrition.  She has spent much of her career in the food industry as a cook and baker.  She initally joined the Sandridge team as a member of the Quality Assurance Department where she helped to ensure that the processes by which Sandridge products were produced met the high-quality standards expected by our customers.  

After a stint with our Regulatory Team she transitioned to the Innovation Team to expand her knowledge of the business and to put her degree to good use.  

JoAnn's Passion

“Quality and accuracy are what guide me daily as a food scientist at Sandridge Crafted Foods.”  JoAnn calls on her wealth of experience in the industry to unleash brand potential, and evolve and improve nutritional quality, flavor, and texture of all of our products.

Outside the Kitchen

In her private time JoAnn enjoys spending time with her family more than anything.  She also loves to be outdoors spending her free time hiking, exercising or poolside with friends and family.

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