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Chef Ray Toroyan

About Chef Ray

Ray’s culinary journey began in high school, where he trained at Oakland Schools Technical Campus in the morning, and tested his skills working in restaurants in the evening. Doing this, Ray learned that he wanted to work in a place that feeds more people than a restaurant ever could. After graduating high school, Ray attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY where he pursued a degree in Culinary Arts and Culinary Science. There, Ray learned about the modern techniques and intricacies that are a part of creating recipes on a large scale. After 3 years, Ray graduated top of his class in the Culinary Science program at CIA. Today, Ray works in the Sandridge Innovation Team to create and design great tasting fresh food with incredible fresh ingredients and technology.


Ray's Passion

Each day, Ray is supporting the Sandridge Brand Promise to “Create unrivaled fresh food that enhances our customer’s reputation” by ideating, developing and commercializing various new soups and sauces, fresh salads or sous vide cooked proteins. When not working on new recipes, Ray is utilizing culinary science knowledge and new processing technology to improve upon existing recipes for our customers.

Outside the Kitchen

Ray enjoys hiking and exploring nature with his wife Esther (who is also a CIA alum, baker and pre-school teacher). Most weekends he’s at the farmers market, looking for fresh and interesting ingredients to experiment with. He also enjoys trying new foods and going to local restaurants. When not in a restaurant or around food, you can find him bowling in a local tournament or at home practicing piano.

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