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Letter for Our Customers

You have a choice of fresh chilled foods manufacturers. At Sandridge, we understand this. We also appreciate that you deserve the highest-quality products made consistently with the freshest ingredients. That is why our Brand Promise is to deliver Unrivaled FRESH food.

As Chief Executive Officer, I have made it my personal mission to see that we also stay true to the customer-focused values my father instilled throughout the Sandridge organization more than four decades ago. Today I can say with great confidence and pride that no food service is more attentive to its customers' needs—and none is better at protecting and improving the customer's bottom line.

With an intricate framework of well-integrated people, processes and products, we are pleased to connect our customers with culinary excellence, food safety and innovation. As the fresh foods industry continues to progress, you have my personal assurance that our commitment to outstanding service and superior products will not waiver.

Thank you for your continued trust in Sandridge Crafted Foods.


Mark Sandridge

Mark SandridgeMark D. Sandridge
Chief Executive Officer
Sandridge Crafted Foods