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Innovative Text Explores the Fusion of Food and Science

Innovative Text Explores the Fusion of Food and Science

Culinology® The Intersection of Culinary Art and Food Science

Sandridge Food Corporation’s Consulting Chef, Jim Pintner is proud to be included in the recently published book, Culinology®, The Intersection of Culinary Art and Food Science by the Research Chefs Association.

The term Culinology®, a registered trademark of the Research Chefs Association, was coined by the RCA to explain how the disciplines of culinary arts and food science work hand in hand in the research and development of new manufactured food products for the commercial, retail, and foodservice industries. This book will be the authoritative source that will add value and relevance to this growing discipline and its practitioners. Integrating culinary arts with food science and technology, this book provides the best strategy for developing successful food products on a large scale. Real-world applications and business models ground the book and clearly illustrate how the concepts and theories work in business and industry.

The book was developed by members of the RCA, which is the premier source of culinary and technical information for the food industry, with a professionally diverse membership including chefs, food scientists and other industry professionals who are shaping the future of food research and development. RCA is a forward-thinking, vibrant, energized organization whose members benefit by being part of a dynamic community of food professionals who work toward a common goal: to create the future of food.

Jim Pintner, CRC and Consulting Chef for 31 years at Sandridge, was honored to be selected by the book’s Editor, Jeffrey Cousminer, R&D Manager at Stonewall Kitchen and former president of the RCA to co-write the Preface. Jim stated, “It’s been an honor to be a part of the development of this text book that will help shape culinary programs across the country. The text book is a real gem for all RCA members and culinary students to own, learn from, and take pride in.”

The book will be used as a text in RCA-Approved Culinology® Programs all over the world, as well as serving as a reference for product developers working in food manufacturing, to help shape the Food Industry for years to come.

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Success Story - Sandridge Food Corporation

Success Story - Sandridge Food Corporation

High Pressure Processing makes for bright future at Sandridge Food Corporation 

Sandridge Food Corporation is a major regional producer of deli style potato and macaroni salads, premium “protein” salads such as chicken and seafood salads, and deli-style soups.

Located in Medina, Ohio, the company was founded in 1965 by Vincent Sandridge and has grown to more than 400 employees, with annual sales exceeding $50 million. Under the leadership of Mr. Sandridge’s oldest son, Mark, sales have doubled since 2002. 

CIFT has a long history of working with Sandridge, and has helped them develop custom washing and processing equipment that contributes to their commitment to food safety and purity. 

In 2010, Sandridge invested nearly $20 million into only the second production scale 

High Pressure Processing (HPP) system in the nation; this investment included the facility in which the system would be housed. 

In anticipation of future need for more HPP systems, Sandridge built a facility big enough to house three of these enormous systems. 

Then in September 2013, the facility investment paid off when they installed their second HPP system – a $5 million investment. HPP technology is capable of destroying pathogenic bacteria non-thermally, through the use of isostatically applied pressure, thus enhancing safety and extending shelf life while maintaining freshness of products. 

“The installation of this technology was the most complex I have encountered in more than 30 years with Sandridge,” stated James Meadows, vice president, process improvement, Sandridge. “We had to build a completely new room to house what is in fact, a semitanker-sized piece of machinery. The unit weighed more than 30 tons, and we needed to coordinate with local traffic authorities, rent a 350 ton crane for the install, and build the room with a removable wall for future expansion. I’m really glad we did that, since it made it much less difficult when we installed the second unit in 2013.” 

The use of these systems has allowed Sandridge to extend the area to which they can market their products, and had enabled them to grow their business significantly by adding large West Coast customers, which would not have been possible with their previous processing technologies. 

These additions have established Sandridge as a technology leader in their industry. 

"We have committed to this technology, not only because food safety is our highest priority, but because we firmly believe that foods with fewer preservatives and clean labels is the right thing to provide to the consumers of today," said Mark D. Sandridge, chief executive officer, Sandridge. "Consumers want to be able to read labels that contain simple ingredients. With HPP, we are able to deliver culinary products that the consumer can feel good about with recognized and trusted ingredients, while still maintaining the highest degree of food safety, taste and nutrition." 

CIFT is assisting Sandridge in identifying other food processors that could utilize the HPP facility for their products, thereby contributing to the economic performance of the system, and further enhancing Ohio as a center for advanced food processing technologies. 

As a result of the HPP project and other initiatives, Sandridge has been able to increase their annual sales by more than 10 percent, and employment has increased by 110 full-time employees in the past five years. 

As work continues to further refine the HPP system with CIFT’s assistance, both sales and employment continue to increase. 

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Sandridge Food Corporation Wins 2016 Evolution of Manufacturing Award

Sandridge Food Corporation Wins 2016 Evolution of Manufacturing Award

MEDINA, Ohio, February 19, 2016 - Sandridge Food Corporation was honored and thrilled this week to receive the 2016 Smart Business Evolution of Manufacturing Award. Sandridge proved to excel in their ability to innovate, create and drive processes resulting in a positive impact on both their top and bottom line.

Sandridge has been recognized for their ability to adapt to retailer and consumer demands calling for fresher food products by investing in two High Pressure Processing (HPP) lines, the first in 2010 and the second in 2013. The investment was based purely on consumer insights nationally and globally. Because HPP significantly mitigates bacterial growth, it reduces spoilage, minimizes shrinkage and essentially reduces the potential for recalls due to bacteria throughout the shelf life.

HPP alleviates shelf life stability as a barrier for crafting recipes and lets Sandridge Foods to remain competitive. Most importantly, it allows chefs the opportunity to realize their passion and achieve Sandridge Food’s mission: “To create great tasting food,” through elimination of preservatives traditionally necessary to survive the fresh distribution channels.

The company also feels it has a responsibility to be environmentally focused and has implemented eco-conscious processes at its facilities. In 2015, more than 2,300 tons of plastics, tin cans, cardboard and vegetable waste were recycled.

For more than 50 years, Sandridge Food Corporation, a family-owned refrigerated foods manufacturer located in Medina, Ohio, has produced fresh deli salads, soups, entrees, desserts, sauces and dips for the food service and retail sectors. A leader in the refrigerated foods industry in North America, Sandridge has built its rich heritage with an unparalleled commitment to food safety, culinary excellence and innovation. The company exercises an admirable brand promise, which is “to always provide unrivalled, great tasting fresh foods with consistent hand-made quality that enhances the reputation of our customers.”

For more information please contact Sandridge Food Corporation at 330.725.2348, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or . For news and exciting food related topics, follow the company on Twitter @SandridgeFood or Facebook page at Sandridge Food Corporation.

Sandridge Food Corporation was honored and thrilled this week to receive the 2016 Smart Business Evolution of Manufacturing Award. Sandridge proved to excel in their ability to innovate, create and drive processes resulting in a positive impact on both their top and bottom line.

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Grandma's Original Recipes on How It's Made

Grandma's Potato Salad made its network TV debut on April 26, 2012. How It's Made came to Medina to shoot a a five minute segment on the production of potato salad, starring Grandma's Original Recipes. Watch it below:

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HPP Machine

Introducing our High-Pressure Processing (HPP) Machine: