The Sandridge Advantage

Customer support – we're business people, just like you. We understand the challenges you face: cost-cutting, labor and inventory issues, and heightened competitive pressures. Everything we do is geared toward helping our clients thrive in the current business climate.

Culinary excellence – no challenge is too difficult for our multi-talented staff of chefs and food scientists. Put our chefs to work with members of your culinary team to create the perfect menu to satisfy your customers' cravings.

Customization – from replication to menu ideation, the culinary experts at Sandridge help you realize recipes that fit your budget and your menu.

Contract manufacturing – with Sandridge as your sous-chef, we'll turn your private label and proprietary recipes into a consistent source of pride – and revenue.

Food safety – to uphold our exacting standards and consistently ensure the safest product available, Sandridge operates its own microbiological laboratory and has a USDA inspector on-site at all times.

Advanced technology – with the growing demand for great tasting products and unmatched quality, we have invested in innovative technology to provide clean label products without the use of added preservatives.

Distribution – with 17 trucks in our private fleet, Mark D. Sandridge, Inc., order fulfillment and delivery are lightning-fast.

Broad manufacturing capabilities – cutting-edge technology allows us to offer countless packaging options and cooking methods, including kettle cooking and High Pressure Processing.

Letter for Our Customers