"Making a difference in our World"

As a good steward of community resources, Sandridge Food Corporation is dedicated to increasing our sustainability efforts to become a more environmentally friendly facility. In support of our company-wide goal to increase sustainability, a council was formed and charged with investigating ways to improve our practices to help decrease our carbon footprint.

At Sandridge, we are working together to use less energy, water and other resources, and reducing the waste we generate. Sandridge is committed to doing our part in sustaining for future generations.

Energy ConservationEnergy Conservation

Implementing new solutions to increase efficiencies and conserve energy are two important measures to reducing our impact on climate change.

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Water ConservationWater Conservation

We are working carefully to preserve our most precious natural resource. This is being accomplished by implementing water efficiency measurements and discovering how to use it more responsibly.

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recycle-thumbRecycling & Reducing Waste

Sandridge is highly committed to preserving natural resources and reducing the amount of waste that goes to the landfill.

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health-thumbHealth & Wellness

Sandridge encourages and promotes total wellness and healthy lifestyle improvements for our employees.

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