Sandridge is committed to providing food safety and unique fresh food offerings by combining advanced technology with culinary artistry and innovation – the possibilities are indeed limitless.

For the food service and retail industries, our experienced team of accredited chefs and food technologists deliver everything you want accredited to your trusted name including:

  • Customized signature fresh dishes, proprietary recipe development and recipe replication
  • Kit manufacturing options for in-store flexibility and creativity
  • Advanced packaging and cooking methods, tailored to unique client needs
  • Inspired menu ideation, mixing traditional tastes with the latest food trends
  • Clean label products free of added preservatives for the freshest product possible
  • Consistency that you and your customers can depend on

Let us be your competitive edge with:

  • State-of-the-art , USDA-certified production facilities, staffed by a highly decorated culinary team
  • An unwavering, organization-wide commitment to food safety
  • Mark D. Sandridge, Inc., our privately owned, ultra-efficient delivery fleet, plus expansive distribution warehouse
  • The fulfillment rate of a world-class company and the values of a family-owned company
  • An in-house creative team ready to build your brand and make your packaging stand out from the others

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